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BOOT!Q is a recognized e-commerce and mobile app developer ready to deliver full-scale ICT projects.

With 81 professionals and 15 years on the market BOOT!Q stands behind the success of our leading digital companies.

Boot up your business with us.

We are doing

WE deliver


  • Consulting (business or technological)
  • Development (all kinds of platforms)
  • Support 24x7 (all kinds of apps)
  • Operations


  • Web Portal / Applications
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Data Insights (BI, Big Data, your data)
  • Document Management (ECM, DMS, OCR/ICR, Digitalization)

Partnership and Delivery

  • Fixed Time - Fixed Price delivery
  • Time & Material delivery
  • Bodyshop or Teamleasing delivery

We can do

WE know how

Technology Coverage

  • Java
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PgSQL
  • ReactJs, Node.js, Angular.js(2)
  • Windows, Linux

... and more funny stuff


  • Developers
  • Admins
  • Analysts
  • UX Designers
  • Testers
  • Architects
  • and Project Managers too ...

We have done

WE created
  • Košík.cz
  • Euromedia
  • Orange
  • Finnology
  • Mall.cz
  • Wooky

We looking for

WE look for

Looking for challenge? Do you like to be always one step ahead? Are you almost scared of vacation and want to join team of pros? Then you are the one we are looking for (and don’t be scared, you’ll get the vacation occasionally :)

  • Developers
  • Admins
  • Analysts
  • UX Designers
  • Testers
  • Architects
  • and Project Managers too ...

We are team

WE are team
WE are team
B!Q Boris
B!Q Janka
B!Q Martin
B!Q Michal
B!Q Michal
B!Q Milan
B!Q Miro
B!Q Pavol
B!Q Tomáš
B!Q Vlado
BIQ Martin
BIQ Ondřej
BIQ Zuzana
BIQ Monika
BIQ Michal
BIQ Ondřej
BIQ Karel
BIQ Michal
BIQ Martin
B!Q Honza
B!Q Anna
B!Q Bohumír
B!Q Daniel
B!Q Eva
B!Q Karel
B!Q Lukáš
B!Q Miroslav
B!Q Stanislav
B!Q Tomáš
B!Q Vladimír
B!Q Lukáš
B!Q Tom
B!Q Jirka
B!Q Dai
B!Q Nugi
B!Q Tu
B!Q Vinh

We are here for you

WE are here for you

General information

For information please contact us on email: info@bootiq.io

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WE Privacy Protection

BOOTIQ s.r.o. with head office Hybernská 1007/20, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1, CRN: 29155495 registered at the Commercial Registry at Municipal Court in Prague section, C file 204933 (hereinafter referred to as „us“) protects the received personal data from misuse, and processes the data on compliance with the valid legislation.

The document provides information considering the personal data processing related to our employment applicants, based on the legal reason, the specific purposes of use, the availability to other parties, and your rights related to your personal data processing.