Metrostav – website modernization

October 2021 - 20 January 2022

In less than four months, we rewrote the code of the company website and upgraded the CMS system to maintain the original functionality and design.

Metrostav Inc. is a financially strong and stable universal construction company with a long history of acquiring and managing large and complex projects in the domestic market and in 15 European countries. Its key areas of activity include transport construction, underground construction, civil construction, as well as projects for industry and environmental construction, for both public and private investors.  

Metrostav is a long-term client of BOOTIQ

At the beginning of the cooperation we developed a robust presentation website. However, the system on which it was built no longer met the requirements of modern times. Therefore, we agreed with the client that we would rewrite the website to CMS Strapi - an open source solution, which we have tested its security, great flexibility and continuous development. So we knew it was the right one for our needs.

Part of the new brief was to renew the CMS to allow the client to manage, oversee and dynamically change the content effectively. Changes were then made at the frontend level as well - our team rewrote it in Next.js. Everything had to happen as quickly as possible so that the client could use the system.

Long-term partnerships also require continuous modernisation

Fast and efficient changes

The advantage of the system is that every change is immediately visible on the frontend. Therefore, published content can be tracked in real time.

What specific steps did we take?    
  • Conversion of the website to the new CMS Strapi.
  • We wrote the new frontend in Next.js and made a few minor adjustments.
  • Whoever works in the system doesn't need to know CSS - the templates are predefined, so they are user-friendly and you can't go wrong with them.
  • We've made it possible to set up content sponsors - people who are responsible for the content. Once a month, an email is sent to them with a list of the pages they are the guarantors of. It's up to them to review the listing and confirm whether the content is up to date or needs to be changed.
  • As part of the handover, the client was also trained in the CMS so that their team can work and collaborate within it.

Lightning fast completion

We agreed with the client that we would make the changes as quickly as possible and without any major impact on operations. This also worked out well in the end, with the work taking just under four months. The result is a dynamic and functional website that has retained the parameters of the previous one, but can be expanded in the future without fear. Indeed, the CMS was chosen to suit all components and elements. A small pearl at the end is that the website includes mutations in Czech and English.  


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What does the updated website look like now?


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