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We helped to find new channels and reach new customers of Hrdlička company, which provides comprehensive services in the field of geodesy and geoinformatics.

Hrdlička is an established Czech family company that has been dealing with geodesy in context for more than 30 years. In addition to a large number of geodetic services, it builds information systems under the MAWIS brand to serve builders as a process support in capital construction. It has created the largest private database of owners, managers and operators of technical infrastructure (water, gas or electricity) who comment on applications for the existence of networks in Czech Republic. This is the key for obtaining a building permit, and Hrdlička can speed up this process through its systems and applications. Their customers include large players in the fields of construction, energy, telecommunications and water management, as well as the professional public and private companies and state and public administration. Thanks to its approach to innovation in this otherwise conservative environment, Hrdlička also finds its customers abroad, for example in Germany, Austria, but also in Slovakia.

Where is the customer? The specific assignment required a specific approach from the Agency

Hrdlička already has historical experience with marketing. However, identifying the customer path when marketing personas cannot be accurately identified has proven to be a challenging task. Specifically, it was an extension of the customer base of the MAWIS portal for professional builders. One of the most important services is the UtilityReport application, which allows you to create bulk requests for comments on the existence of networks. This is done by the applicant drawing an area of interest in the application, which automatically generates or sends applications to specific owners or network administrators. These are all entities that are to comment on the planned construction within the construction procedure.

Thus, the target group was not only classic B2C customers (the public), but also engineer offices, construction companies and / or developers. Finding a way to them turned out to be a challenge for which Hrdlička decided to contact marketing agencies. The BOOTIQ team (then Blueberry) was invited to the tender, which won the contract, thanks to the company's personality and quick connection to the field - construction companies are not exactly the ideal target group for digital marketing.
  • The potential for marketing was huge, but the right channels had to be found
    During the launch of the collaboration, the potential for digital marketing proved to be enormous, even though it was intended to serve primarily as sales support. Most of the business still came through merchants. The situation was thus only at 10% of the potential that the Hrdlička company could acquire. The BOOTIQ team was able to quickly understand the situation, design a strategy and phase out the individual steps.

    It turned out that the MAWIS application is relatively complex and the customer's path does not lead directly. Therefore, it was necessary to address new users and a wide pond of the professional public, or people from the field of construction in the first phase. This is through the classic digital mix: online, PPC, social networks, traditional media, but also e-mail marketing.

    After a year of intensive cooperation, it turned out to be difficult to concentrate those online customers that the company addresses through salespeople. It also made it difficult to set up a campaign, KPIs or build a marketing plan. The field of construction is conservative and it is very difficult to find these people.

    Therefore, the BOOTIQ team had to optimize more and at the same time explain the individual products, their benefits and also pay attention to a certain enlightenment among the builders.
  • Don't be afraid to try new things
    It was the difficult targeting of customers that required experiments and more frequent evaluations of the success of campaigns. You needed to keep changing channels, such as email campaigns, audiences, or texting. In short, it was difficult to determine where the customer path led. The campaign was further limited by the fact that many customers have a lower knowledge of technology and thus simply had nowhere to find out about the application. The second limit was the budget - below 10% of the turnover of a company that follows the philosophy "to make money for itself" so it was necessary to cut the strategy into small steps and then evaluate them.

    On the contrary, the cooperation was helped by the fact that Hrdlička is building digital marketing and is able to make a basic marketing plan himself with partly implementing it. However, ongoing consultations are needed for this, because the team consists of only three people - which, of course, is still a strong standard in the field. In general, Hrdlička is a very progressive company that has its own digital services, products and applications and a similar approach in marketing. Hrdlička and the BOOTIQ team learn what it means to do marketing at a professional level, how to manage social networks, do text writing on SEO, create e-mail campaigns, PPC campaigns or PR articles from the beginning. It is this teaching that moves the company forward, not only people from marketing, but also from business, who support each other and share leads - that is, potential customers to reach.

    Within the cooperation between the Hrdlička and BOOTIQ teams, the goal was finally achieved: overcoming the milestone of 1,000 customers, which was a turning point, thanks to which the application earns money for itself and it makes sense to further develop it. Thanks to this, KPIs could also be set.
  • Room for further cooperation
    After a year and a half, the cooperation gradually expanded to other segments - products and services. In general, these are advanced web applications used by design or construction companies in the market. The cooperation with the BOOTIQ team has thus expanded, but this time with more data and a deeper understanding of the segment.

    It was a unique experience, which was related to the difficulty of understanding the target message and passing it on to customers. The presentation of the project took time and effort, but bore fruit. The return thus turned out to be in the longer term, namely a year and a half after the launch of the campaign (two years after the start of the cooperation). However, it turned out that Hrdlička's products have great potential, such as other MAWIS services or BIM3D projects or the new DTM CR, and it is possible to reach them to the audience in a digital way.

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