NEY Credit Union – Inspiring trust with a goal-oriented marketing mix

14. 4. 2020


NEY Credit Union is a strong, modern, and innovative financial institution, active on the Czech market since 1999. Its product portfolio includes attractive savings and credit offerings. Its flagship is a term deposit, often listed as the most profitable on the Czech market.

The goal

NEY Credit Union was dealing with people’s distrust in credit unions. Many went bankrupt during the nineties in the Czech Republic.

The goal of the collaboration was to grow brand awareness, strengthen trust, and ensure a significant increase in demand for products, especially term deposits. That’s why we designed and implemented a complex mix of marketing activities, with a focus on investment performance and measurement.




… but how do you give people the confidence to entrust a credit union with a larger sum of money?

Get to know the client and the users – from all perspectives

Our strategy was founded on three key activities, which gave us insights into the product, its target audience, and the market.



with stakeholders involved with the product


Definice protoperson

to be able to adjust our communication


Research market and competition

in order to stand out

Highlight – the visual style

In offline communication, the original visual style worked very well. However, online, it didn’t have enough character to stand out among its online competition. That’s why we decided to create a new, more distinctive visual style, one that would be easier to recognize and that would help build brand awareness.



Create – a page that converts

With the utmost regard to campaign performance, we changed the structure of the product page, leading to a simpler path to key information for visitors and, more importantly, to a contact form.

Even with ambitious plans, we managed to accomplish

business goals at 117%

All with a very fast takeover of campaigns and the creation of a complex half-year strategy for the credit union’s online communication.

“Blueberry is helping us meet our ambitious market goals in the online environment in the long-term. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and platforms, we’re always a step ahead of our competition, which is very important to us.”

Petr Vondráček,Head of Marketing, NEY Credit Union

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