UX design

A defining factor for any product.

Our UX design capabilities don't stop at web applications, mobile apps, E-comerce solutions or multi‑platform digital experiences.

give your users world-class exper!ence

Our goal is to create efficient experiences that generate value for your business and users. Using the latest technology, we offer UX design that delivers consistent and measurable outcomes of every user interaction across multiple platforms and devices. Our experts will work closely with your team and customers, to provide optimal efficiency of created solutions.

Learn our Unique process

We need to understand:

  • Idea behind project Goals, target group, data, priorities

  • ->

    Users Real personas, proto-personas

  • ->

    Processes Process maping

So we can:

  • Create custommer journeys custommer journeys, storyboards, scenarios

  • ->

    Do brainstorming Ideas, brainstorming, sketches

  • ->

    Create solution wireframes, mockups, design

  • ->

    test it User testing, prototypes, scenarios

Explore our spec!alised solutions

  • Heuristic analysis
    (analysis of solutions using general principles)
  • Cognitive walkthrough
    (expert "puts on the user's shoes")
  • Data analysis
    (if there is sufficient data for the website)
  • Guerrilla testing or proper user testing

We will find real people from your selected target group and we will test the current solution or prototype on them.

  • Let us to do user interviews for a deeper understanding of user needs
  • During this process personas or journey maps are created
  • Intensive workshop lasting the whole week
    (where the first two days are spent with the stakeholders)
  • Understanding the problem
    (choosing the best concept, creating a prototype, testing a prototype)
  • Check out some examples
    design sprint

Kick-off workshop

  • Gathering information
  • Setting goals and priorities
    (may involve protoperson creation/rough process mapping)
  • Customer journey design
    (scenario creation)
  • Design studio
    (brainstorming concepts)
  • Wireframes & prototype
    (it can be a simple prototype in Invision or even a more complex animation)

Let us know Work w!th us

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