Business intelligence

BI will support your daily and strategic decisions with managing a company. Based on the analysis of all available data, it will help to predict future developments, thus reducing your costs, risks and increasing your profit.


It may be a whole new perspective on your business, but do you know that your data hides treasures? These are usually savings, cost reduction opportunities, increased profits, optimization and increased management efficiency.Our specialists will help you find them.


How to find your way around the inexhaustible amount of information provided by individual sources? With a tool that allows you to find everything important clearly arranged and in one place.

The reporting will be prepared for you in a way that you will be able to see how your business is doing at a first glance. No more tedious retrieval of reports from various tables across the company.


We will take you through the world of data from A to Z. Whether you know what you want to achieve, what should be the end goal, or you only have data but you have no idea what to use them for. We will advise you on what data to collect, how to evaluate them and how to select suitable tools. The goal is your success in business, through our experience and individual approach.

What BI can help with:

  1. Management

    An overview of the most important parameters of the operation of the entire company in one place.

  2. Logistics

    Development and the planning of necessary resources in warehouses.

  3. Transport

    Transport to customers, information about preferred transport and order parameters.

  4. Commerce

    Improving the performance of the sales team based on planning and evaluation of activities.

  5. Human resources

    Optimal working time planning and employee evaluation.

  6. Purchase

    Optimization of suppliers, prices and quantities based on customer interest.

  7. Finance

    Monitoring the development of receivables, payables and cash flow.

  8. Marketing

    Correct distribution of the budget for marketing and monitoring the performance of individual channels.

  9. Customers

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