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2017 - now

Rebuilding a website from the ground up

Metrostav a.s. is a financially strong and universal construction company with the ability to win and manage large and complex projects both in the domestic Czech market as well as in the 15 European countries it operates in.


Metrostav needed a website redesign to bring home its continuing importance in Central Europe

Built a modern website that adheres to brand guidelines and a CMS for its administration

…so how do you redesign a website completely while meeting all corporate requirements?

{Define a concept with
concrete goals

Rather than just apply a new coat of paint, we held a design workshop with Metrostav to write up:

  • data gathered from all business segments
  • proto-personas representing target users
  • their challenges
  • their goals
  • a customer journey map

By focusing on what mattered and steering clear of potential problems, Metrostav saved money.


{Test using a simple
interactive prototype

To cover a range of defices we adopted a mobile-first mentality, scaled up for the desktop, and created and tested both with a clickable prototype

make the design fresh

{With guidelines in mind
make the
design fresh

Any deviation from the guidelines was unacceptable. With careful consideration, we came up with a design that looked modern, yet met requirements.

{using scrum
and test

With in-person meetings every two weeks, work on the front-end and back-end was consistently on-target.

As it was being readied to ship, we helped Metrostav migrate to the new back-end, copying over data and redirecting old pages.

We kept Metrostav’s identity, yet modernized its look
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