SAP technology for your business

We will find solutions suitable for better, faster and easier management of your business.The implementation of the SAP system in various sectors of the economy is our key competence, the roll-out of the SAP system is our special know-how and the optimization of system settings is the foundation for a long-term partnership.


Do you need to implement a SAP system? Our experienced team of consultants is ready to listen to your requirements and ideas for information support of your business processes and design a SAP solution for your company.

Our consultants have knowledge of implementing ERP SAP in various sectors of the management. We propose the optimal use of SAP technologies to our customers and help to integrate the SAP system into a heterogeneous system environment.

We manage the implementation process of the SAP system using the tools of the Accelerated SAP (ASAP) methodology. We work in joint teams, to which we bring knowledge of the SAP environment and our customers knowledge of their environment, including knowledge of corporate business processes.

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The development of a customer solution in the SAP system environment is required by clients for many reasons, e.g.:

  1. replacement of an existing non SAP solution
  2. efforts to reduce the number of interfaces with non SAP solutions
  3. adaptation of the standard SAP module/program to the customer's needs
  4. new functionality - new SAP module
  5. modification of the standard report
  6. creation of a new customer report

For customer development solutions, we offer experienced SAP application consultants and programmers who understand the needs of our customers.

How do we do it?

    in close cooperation with key users

  2. ->

    solution design

  3. ->

    or modify a standard program

  4. ->


  5. ->


  6. ->

    in productive operation and possible further development

Learn our rollout PROJECTS

The rollout of the SAP system is a specific way of deploying the SAP system within multinational companies. The purpose is to unify the setting, especially in the financial area, reporting or possibly also in the area of logistics.

The rollout project of the SAP system is most often done by a team of foreign experts who have a very good knowledge of the implemented solution.In these projects, our company usually acts as a professional consultant who provides the following activities:

  1. Account mapping account schemes
  2. Form localization
    • delivery notes
    • invoices
    • orders
  3. Location of reports
    • financial
    • controlling
  4. Setting up the interface for Czech banks
  5. User training course in the Czech language
  6. Customer support after a productive start
  7. Translations of documentation
  8. Communication between the local team of the customer and the parent company

Learn our SAP netweaver

We offer the implementation of projects based on SAP NetWeaver, an application and integration platform based on open standards. It is a technological basis for the group of corporate applications mySAP Business Suite, for composite applications, industry SAP solutions and for other applications of various SW manufacturers.

SAP NetWeaver integrates information and processes across the entire organization and all technologies used. It strengthens the organization's ability to adapt quickly to change. It ensures reliable, secure and scalable operation of applications supporting critical business processes, enabling companies to maximize the return on investment in already installed applications and systems.

We offer components of the universal technology platform SAP NetWeaver:

  • SAP Enterprise Portal
    (SAP EP)
  • SAP Web Application Server
    (SAP Web AS)
  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure
    (SAP XI)

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